What makes Rocket Science Productions an independent publisher, and how are they different than other types of publishers?

Rocket Science Productions, LLC started in 2006, “on the back of two basset hounds”!  Our founder, Frank Monahan, is a children’s book author who writes the ‘Stanley and Norman Series’ about his two loveable basset hounds.  In his starting off as a new author himself, Frank learned what it took to get his books written, published, and sold!  He began Rocket Science Productions as a way to help other authors to do the same.  He believes that ALL writers have a voice and an audience, and so we are always looking for new authors.

Rocket Science Productions is what is known as an Independent Publisher.  We are not Vanity (or Print on Demand) where you come in with a completed manuscript and it is not even reviewed before printing.   As an Independent, our staff reviews all manuscripts and we offer you the full range of services; from editing, to illustration, to cover design and layout, to printing, and even a la carte marketing options.

Rocket Science Productions prides itself on the personal attention that we provide to each and every one of our authors.   We also pride ourselves on exceptional quality in both our services and our products.  We are your one stop publishing shop!


What genres or age groups are you looking for?

At Rocket Science Productions we believe that ALL authors have a voice and an audience.   We accept writing for all age groups and all genres.  We currently have published books for infants to adults and from fantasy/paranormal to how-to to comedy to autobiography.  If the story is good then we are interested in hearing from you.

You can submit an inquiry to us at bepublished@rocketscienceproductions.com or call us at 703-764-8000.


How do I submit my work to you and in what format?

When you are interested in submitting your manuscript to us for possible publication, we ask for the following things:
Send your submission in an email (Word document or PDF format) to bepublished@rocketscienceproductions.com

  • Put your name and what type of book you are submitting into the subject line for easy identification.
  • For Children’s books, we ask that you submit the entire manuscript (no
  • illustrations required if you don’t have them yet.  We can connect you to an illustrator if you need one).
  • For longer books we ask that you submit at least the first 3 chapters so we can get a taste of your writing.  We will eventually need the entire manuscript.

You can also contact us on the phone at 703-764-8000 for more information.


What can I expect when I submit my work for possible publication through Rocket Science Productions?

You can expect to hear back from us within 5 business days or less after our staff has reviewed your manuscript submission.

Our commitment to quality is second to none.  We can connect you to all the right people; from editors to illustrators to graphic artists and to marketing specialists.  You can expect personal service the whole way through.   We prefer to do business over video chats with everyone in the same “room”.  That means that Rocket Science Productions, you – the author, the graphic artist, the editor, and the illustrator can all be talking together in one virtual place.

You will be an active participant in the look, feel, and design of your finished book.


Do you charge upfront fees, and if so, what are they?

Yes, there are upfront fees.  Our staff and our editors, illustrators, graphic artists all will be working hard to prepare and perfect your book.  There is filing with the government for copyright and to get all needed numbers and barcodes for publication.  These people and processes cost time and money.

You may think that Traditional publishing does not cost you money, but in reality, Traditional publishers are now taking editing fees, illustration fees, layout fees and marketing fees off of the back end (the royalty payouts).

Rocket Science Productions does not hide their fees, and we will always be up front with you about what your individual book will cost.  Each book is unique, and so we will talk with you and get you a quote based on your book.

We do offer payment plans for those who need one.  This can also be discussed on an individual basis.

You can inquire about pricing after you submit to bepublished@rocketscienceproductions.com or you can call us at 703-764-8000.


Do you accept all submissions?  

No, we don’t accept all submissions.  Rocket Science Productions believes that all authors have a voice, but we want to be sure that your work is “sell-able.”  We don’t want to take your money to publish the book unless we think you can make it back in sales.

We don’t just print on demand, we strive to put out quality work that will benefit you – the author and us as your publisher.


How does Rocket Science Productions help me to sell my book after you have published it?

When you publish your first book, you have gone from being a writer to being an author!  You have essentially “opened your own small business”.  You now have a product to sell, and you, as the author, are the best person to be able to sell it!  Even famous authors like JK Rowling and Steven King have to go out on book signing tours, and have social media presence, etc.  It is a lot of hard work, and may take a long while to pay off, but it will in the end.

You will be expected to work hard to sell your own book, but we can help.  As a published author of Rocket Science Productions, you will be automatically placed in our personal online store front RSP LAUNCHPAD and also on Amazon and have the chance to be distributed to national book chains.

We will also announce your book release to our own community of followers online (we have a monthly newsletter, a blog, Facebook, Twitter, etc.). We do offer a la carte marketing tools to help you promote your book.  We can provide anything from social media to website hosting/building to press releases to setting up appearances/signings, etc.

You can learn more AT RSP Author Marketing Services.