If you’ve written a short story, a novel, a children’s book, a collection of written works, or if you take photographs, draw or paint, write music, or any endeavor that requires publishing, then Rocket Science Productions is the publisher you want!

At RSPpress we focus on seeing our authors succeed. We pride ourselves on the personal service we provide every one of our clients; during the publishing process and beyond. We offer control over your work while providing the information, resources and the support that you will need in the publishing industry. We will work together with you to produce a high quality publication you can be truly proud of!

Publishing Process

Registration and Copyright Protection

This is the first step in the publishing process, and maybe the most important! Here, RSP will register your work with the Library of Congress and also with the U.S. Copyright Office, protecting your rights as an author. We will also assign your book an ISBN-13 number and a barcode which are essential for selling your book in any retail outlet (i.e. Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc.)

Editing and Art Direction

In this phase, RSP will dive deep into your book and prepare it for printing! You will be assigned to your own RSP staff graphic designer, who will work personally with you to ensure your book looks and feels just as you would like it to. We start with art direction, which means the layout of your work in a format that a printer can accept. This also includes cover design, book size choice, paper and binding choice, etc. At the same time, your book will also be given to one of our professional editors, who will go over your work and make sure that all grammar, spelling, spacing, etc. is correct. We do NOT edit for content! We believe in the author’s voice and not changing your words. Our editors are there to help polish and professionalize your work.

Illustration (optional)

This is an optional add-on phase that RSP offers.  We have a list of freelance illustrators whom we have worked with before and who are very professional.  Should your book require illustration, samples of our artists’ work will be shown to you and you can choose/request the style and illustrator you like.  RSP will help facilitate communication between you and the artist and will bring your story to life.


The last stage before you have your book in your hands is the printing stage.  Everything has been checked, double checked, and approved by you and now it is off to our printer.  Next stop, you!

Marketing and Promotion

RSP offers a very comprehensive marketing and promotions catalogue. You can chose a la carte what services you would like from us to help get word of your new book out to the world. Some examples of what we can offer include, website building/hosting, social media marketing, press releases, public appearance/event planning, access to book shows and critic reviews, and so much more. See our marketing menu below.

RSP Author Marketing Services

See our FAQ’s if you have any other questions.

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